Kessels SA

Kessels SA is a small family company dedicated to the development and transfer of technology. We started in the early 90’s developing and transferring technology for the industrial production of intermediates of semisynthetic penicillins. These intermediates are still nowadays used in the well-known antibiotics Ampicillin and Amoxicillin.

The initial know-how came from Gerard Kessels, who developed similar processes at Océ-Andeno (The Netherlands) and Deretil (Spain). At a later stage, he improved the technologies and was granted several patents on the more efficient processes. Once Kessels SA was founded, more processes were developed and other patents were filed. Know-how was transferred to companies like Daurala Organics Ltd. (India) and Tessenderlo Chemie (Belgium).

Now the firm is directed by Raoul Kessels, organic chemist formed in the Instituto Químico de Sarrià, in Barcelona and chemical engineer by experience in the set-up and commissioning of fine chemical production plants. 

As the market of natural products is evolving rapidly and becoming increasingly important, from 2010 onwards, Kessels SA has specialized further in the development of processes based on plant extracts. These cover the extraction of plant material, purification of actives, fractionation of extracts, etc. The projects include the development and transfer of the technology to the Nutraceuticals and Cosmetics industries and also the production of commercial quantities in external manufacturing units.

The latest technological innovation has been the encapsulation of products in a 2 mm bead of 100% vegetal origin. Many types of products have been encapsulated, like oils, ibuprofen, enzymes, etc., directed basically at the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical industries.

At Kessels SA, we look for technological solutions that best fit your specific needs.
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