Fields of expertise

Fractionation of extracts: our solid phase technology separates different actives present in an extract and eliminates undesired components, like inactive, antagonistic, toxic or unpleasant products. Besides transferring this technology, we can perform the fractionation on industrial scale, up to 1200 L resin.

See more on this technology in section Fractionation.

Resolution of optically active products: two different technologies have been developed for the separation of enantiomers. Specific crystallization uses an achiral compound to crystallize one enantiomer from a supersaturated solution. Diastereomeric crystallization uses a chiral compound. Both technologies have been implemented in industrial plants of thousands tpa.

See more on these technologies in section Resolution.

Encapsulation of products: our latest development is the encapsulation of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products in 2mm beads. The bead is dry, 100% of vegetal origin and contains 85% of product. This form is very interesting for the paediatric, geriatric and personalized dose user groups. Another type of product derived form this technology are encapsulated enzymes, with the advantage that they are not chemically bounded and do not contain synthetic polymers.

See more on this technology in section Encapsulation.

Natural and synthetic products: we have broad experience in making pure products, from the isolation of an active of a plant, to multi-ton production of racemic raw materials for the resolution processes. In our laboratory, we also produce products on the gram scale, like analytical standards of impurities of final products

See more on this type of products in section Synthesis and purification

Production in external multi-purpose plants: we can run processes on industrial scale in third party installations with standard operations of reaction, vacuum distillation, centrifugation, extraction, drying, etc. Capacities range from 50 to 2000 L and stainless steel and glass-lined equipment are available. All the operations are controlled on site by Kessels SA.

Design and scale-up of processes: we take processes from the laboratory to the pilot plant and industrial production. During the initial research we already take into account the final objective of the process to get commercial quantities. Only scalable operations are used in the laboratory.