Collaboration options

Kessels SA focuses on the development and transfer of technology in natural products. The transfer is always done in a collaborative project, not as a key-turn package. This has the advantage that all the details are taught to the receiving part, so that you will be able to use the technology by yourselves. We have used different forms of collaboration over the years, from contract research and manufacturing to joint development of technology.
Do you need a reliable partner to implement fresh technology for your natural products? We are open to collaborate with other companies in any of our fields of expertise.


Kessels SA can develop new processes for you.

One important point in research is to keep focussed and to contain the cost. Therefore, a constant communication is maintained and the project is evaluated continuously. The research is performed by our scientists making use of the infrastructure of the University of Barcelona. For scaling-up the process, we have access to a pilot plant and a multipurpose plant. For many products, only smaller quantities are required. In such cases, it is enough to produce them in the pilot plant.


Projects already developed by Kessels SA can be transferred readily.

Fractionation technology transfer

Fractionation is a general process that can be used on many different extracts. This technology is transferred so that the receiver can develop their own process for specific extracts. There are two important aspects to be able to use this technology: to understand the know-how and to have the appropriate equipment.

Kessels SA will demonstrate the technology in the laboratory, provide a miniplant for development of your own process and assistance to sort out the details. For the scale-up, we can design an industrial plant for you or carry out the production in a multi-purpose plant.

In case you prefer to outsource this activity, Kessels SA can develop the process for you on a plant extract of your interest.



Fine Chemical technology transfer

We have the technologies for the multi-ton production of the following fine chemicals:

  • D-(–)-para-HydroxyPhenylGlycine, through specific crystallization,
  • DL-para-HydroxyPhenylGlycine, from para-HydroxyMandelic acid,
  • para- and ortho-HydroxyMandelic acids, from glyoxylic acid and phenol,
  • D-(–)-PhenylGlycine, through diastereomeric resolution,
  • D-(–)-PhenylGlycine Chloride Hydrochloride, with non-chlorinated solvents.

These technologies can be transferred as complete packages. 


Encapsulation technology

Currently we are developing an encapsulation technology that results in 2 mm beads useful for Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products for users that require sustained release or personalised doses, or paediatric and geriatric users. We have been able to encapsulate liquids like fish oil, solids like ibuprofen and biocatalysts like lactase.

We are open to set-up a joint project to encapsulate a product of your interest and scale it up to an industrial production.